Hudson West Contractors is a full-service Facilities Construction and Management company. 

Our ability to effectively satisfy every phase of construction, from inception to completion, enables our customers to realize the maximum economic return on investment on Real Estate and Construction endeavors.  

  • General Contracting. 
  • Construction, Project, and Vendor Management.
  • Janitorial and Cleaning Services. 
  • Disinfection Services. 
  • Bio-hazard and chemical contaminant remediation. 
  • Mitigation of Pathogenic Threats such as SARS-CoV-2 / Novel COVID-19.
  • Mold, Smoke and Water damage remediation. 
  • Smart Home and Automation.  
  • Inside Wiring. 
  • Telecommunications and Security installations. 

Scope of Services

Construction, Project, & Vendor Management

Janitorial & Cleaning Services

Bio-hazard & Chemical Contaminant Remediation 

Mold, Smoke & Water Damage Remediation

Smart Home & Automation

Telecommunications & Security Installations

We’ve successfully delivered projects across the entirety of the construction and facilities management spectrum. 

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No job is too small for our attention and expertise nor too large for us to deliver.